The Private Party Experience

MAYHEM, Inc. is more than just a traveling party, it is a life changing event provider! Party enthusiasts from around the country seek out MAYHEM to achieve several things: have the event of a lifetime, make money off having their event, create advertising for their party, and the ULTIMATE partnerships include personally developed events designed on the customers specifications, wants and needs. Let us throw you the PRIVATE PARTY of a lifetime! You want to wow your guests with entertainment? Make them talk about your party forever.

All of our events are 100% insured!

MAYHEM exists as a one stop shopping party and event planning and management company for multiple interests across the United States. The Process begins when a customer contacts one of our representatives with an event or private party idea. MAYHEM takes that idea and makes it become a reality, no matter how bizarre the original idea, we pull off the customer’s private party or event according to MAYHEM standards.

The Public Concert Experience

Booking MAYHEM is helpful for the venue itself because we supply EVERYTHING. From bartenders, DJs, production, street teams, boxing rings, photographers, security, bands, national acts, even live animals and midget wrestling! No Matter how bizarre the venue’s request, as long as it is legal, safe, and fun…we can provide it for one mutually agreed upon fee.


All of our staff have been Serve Safe Certified!

All of our bartenders will be certified, all of our acts booked, handled, and managed by us, as well as security if needed. Your venue, can sit back, enjoy the wild and crazy event while grossing one of the highest nights in its’ history with liquor sales, ticket sales, and sponsorships completely inclusive to the venue’s profit.

Ironically, you may have been to a MAYHEM event and not have known it was our team that ran your entire experience. We have worked with everyone from Khloe Kardashian to Vanilla Ice and Mario Lopez. From Louisville, KY to Miami, FL, we have pulled off some of the most talked about parties of the decade. Contact us now for a free portfolio of our prior events, or for more information on booking your


EXCLUSIVE custom built experience at a venue of your choice!

Remember, this is your party we can build the event as small or as large as you’d like. We can accommodate 100 of your closest friends or 10,000 people you’d like to see at your venue.

The ONLY limitation is your imagination.

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