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LIVE the experience

Have you ever watched your favorite horror movie and gotten mad? You could have gotten out of there, right? Well, now is your chance to prove it. Mayhem Live Events has brought the 'Choose your Mayhem' series to full life with horror movie scenes that you can step into and see how you fair.

Will you Escape? Fight Back? Survive? The Choices are completely up to you. You’ll step inside a real life fright fest. Our field of play is over an acre and will include all the help you need to Stay Alive. Or, for the ego builders out there, try to finish a storyline with a ‘Heroes’ ending!

Be sure to check below for currently available scenes & rules


Get the back story to your game

Jay Sin, the son of Pam Flaores, was born deformed. He lived with his mother at Camp behind the Rustic Frog (where his mother worked), in the city of New Albany. Jay Sin was bullied incessatly until, he tried to prove to the bullies that he could swim and drowned in the Ohio River.  Jay Sin's only friend Happy the clown is said to haunt the camp grounds as well after being mutilated by Jay Sin during a children's party. 

Future attempts to reopen the frog has been plagued with problems, including poisoned water and unexplained fires. 


In 1985 eight new counselors planned to reopen the frog, but ultimately all but one of the new counselors were murdered by a chainsawed toting escaped con that died in prison via electric chair. Five years later,  a group of counselors return to the rustic frog  for training, and all but 2 were murdered. Now its your turn to survive a night at Summer Camp! 

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